Feral Ohms 'S/T' LP



Silver Current's first all-format release is upon us! The debut studio album by the fire-breathing, take no prisoners jet engine that is FERAL OHMS! After a few years of limited edition 45 singles and a critically aclaimed live album for the "Live in SF" series on Castle Face Records late last year Silver Current is super stoked to present "S/T" to the world on Vinyl, CD, Digital and Cassette. Releases 3/24/17. Order HERE

The Glasgow Birds



The Glasgow Birds, The Denver Shitter and Other Poems of Musical Life" is the debut book of poetry by Ethan Miller. A dream stroll through 15 years of musical life on the road. From concrete, road-journal like storytelling prose poems to headier abstract rabbit holes and experimental waking dreams. This first edition is handmade, handbound, silk screened jacket and limited to 150 copies

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The Mansion Songs Demos



New handmade item just in: The Mansion Songs Demos! Hear the creak and moan of gin-blanched late night demo work! Hear the exploding pop energy of somber favorits turned inside out in multi-track mid fi glory! Find out where and when some of these songs were born into a hand held recorder the day of the studio session or 7 years earlier in a lonely room accross time and space! It's all here folks, in...The Mansion Songs Demos!

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