Shjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco, June 8, 2018

Wooden Shjips

Catalog #: SC39

Now entering their 13th year of drone & dirge drug-boogie, the Wooden Shjips, one of the linchpins of the neo-psychedelic movement of the new millennium, continue to expand on their concept of the eternal and infinite riff, ever higher and outward year after year.
    Their first official live album, Shjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco, June 8, 2018 is as much a summation of their journey so far as it is an ultra-saturated, full color snap-shot of their peak live powers at present.
    At once cosmic and heavy, dream-like and searing in equal measures (and often all at once), Shjips in the Night is the capture of a single live performance, multi-tracked at Slim’s in San Francisco by Eric Bauer and Damien Rasmussen and in a unique creative twist, was mixed by the band’s friends and colleagues in underground psych rock; Heron Oblivion, who hand out the Nitrous balloons and bring their own subtle (and not so subtle) enhancement of the show’s dark but kaleidoscopic color palette to the Shjips’ universe through performance mixing and post-production effects worm-holes, all the while keeping the Shjips’ long time band chemistry and natural sonic power at the forefront of the listener’s experience.
    “Shjips in the Night” is a career-spanning set that includes performances of songs from their first EP to their latest “V” out last year on Thrill Jockey. This is a vinyl only release limited to 2500 copies worldwide, out April 12th on Silver Current Records.